Load Measuring Equipment

Drawing from a large inventory of Hydraulic Jacks, Load Shackles, Running Line Tensioners, Anti-two Block systems and other measuring equipment, HHI provides the equipment and experience for Turnkey Service at our shop or at your site.

HHI sells, rents and provides Turnkey Services for multiple applications

  • Force measurement
  • Tension measuring
  • Onboard weighing
  • Center of Gravity calculations
  • Calibration Services
  • Specialty weighing and more

Load Measuring Equipment

HHI utilizes quality equipment from leading manufacturers such as Scotload, Tractel, Simplex, Enerpac, Robson, A2B and more.

  1. Load Cells
  2. Load Shackles
    • Hydraulic Jacks
    • Capacity Limiters
    • Boom Angle Indicators
    • Load Moment Limiters
    • Anti 2 Block Systems
    • Running Line M
  3. Running Line Tensioners
  4. Hydraulic Jacks
  5. Load Measuring Equipment Calibration
    • Strain-Gauging