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MorBar Rigging Rentals

MORBAR Rigging Rentals

a viable alternative to buying

Holloway Houston’s MORBAR Spreader Bars and Rigging Rental division has a worldwide presence in the engineering, manufacturing, and assembly of spreader bars, wire rope slings, and associated rigging.

Our rentals Include
  • Jumper Bar Rentals
  • Spreader Bar Rentals
  • Wire Rope Sling Rentals
  • Shackles up to 2000t Rentals
  • Swivel Rentals
  • Hook Rentals
  • Master Link Rentals
  • Turnbuckle Rentals
  • Personnel Basket Rentals
  • Skid Pan Rentals
Are ideal for
  • Construction companies, industrial fabricators, marine contractors, and petrochemical facilities.
  • One time engineered lifts.
  • Remote location lifts.
  • Initial time and expense of locating and purchasing equipment.
  • Possible back-order delays.
  • Storage and maintenance expense before and after the lift.
Complete assortment of related rigging components
  • Slings (Single part, 9-part, Low Headroom Grommets, HHIperLift™ Synthetics)
  • Wide Body Shackles
  • Link Plates and Master Links
  • 150 Ton Rolling Blocks
  • Load Measuring Devices
Provide value added features
  • All systems are pre-rigged to save customer downtime.
  • Each lift includes a full rigging drawing for prior approval.
  • All MORBAR rigging rental systems are proof tested to 2 x WLL to ensure the integrity of all components.
  • Testing of our 9-part slings is done properly, as one complete unit, measured under the full test load. (9-part slings are not tested as 3 individual 3-part slings and then woven together to make a 9-part sling.)