The HHIperLift family of roundslings made with Honeywell Spectra® fibers is part of a series of new-generation lifting tools utilizing space-age materials and high-tech design methodologies.

  • High Specific Modulus – Excellentfor Lifting and Mooring in Ultra-Deep Water Highly Cut-Resistant
  • Resists Prolonged Saltwater Immersion100% Proof-Tested and More

HHIperLift Spectra® Roundsling General and Technical Data

High Contact Rigging Efficiency (HCRE)

HHIperLift Spectra® roundslings offer superior rigging efficiency compared with conventional materials, such as wire rope, braided rope, and traditional roundslings that generally require fairly large and fixed diameters in relation to lifting potential.

HHIperLift’s advantage over braided rope or helically laid stranded yarn is its use of a special oversized triple cover with parallel laid yarn inside. This cover allows the user to reshape slings to better-fit available load-bearing surfaces.

HHIperLift Spectra® slings increase the contact of lifting fibers with the pin, allowing the use of a smaller shackle. Because the thickness of the fiber bundle in contact with the lifting area is reduced, the required 3:1 D/d ratio is maintained.

HHIperLift Spectra® roundslings are rated in tons. The design factor is 5:1 (ultimate = 5 times rated load). Exceeding rated capacity is not recommended.

HHIperLift Spectra® roundslings are rated in tons. The design factor is 5:1 (ultimate = 5 times rated load). Exceeding rated capacity is not recommended.

Ratings & Design Factors

HHIperLift Spectra® roundslings are rated in tonnes. The design factor is 5:1 (Ultimate = 5 x rated load). Exceeding rated capacity is not recommended.

Sling ratings are based on a standard type wide body shackle (or equivalent bearing surface) of equal or greater capacity.

Cross Sectional Area

The cross-sectional area, measured in square inches, is the area occupied by the Spectra® load bearing wraps at rated capacity when pulled around a pin. Using the HH-75T-SP 75-ton as an example, the cross-sectional area is an exceptional 4.40 inches2 when compared to other sling materials having a fixed cross-sectional area.

D/d Ratios

In order for the Spectra® sling system to properly achieve the loads it was designed for, it is necessary to maintain a minimum of a 3:1 D/d ratio. This means that the pin size the sling is going around must have at least 3 times the diameter of the sling at the bearing point.

Ratings & Design Factors

  • Much stronger: Up to 40% greater specific strength than aramid fibers (Technora, Kevlar) with outstanding toughness and durability.
  • Lightweight: Spectra® slings are light enough to be manipulated without the use of special equipment or work-rated ROVs. A vertical 15′ 75-ton sling weighs less than 75 pounds.
  • Reduced elongation: Maximum of 3.8% at breaking load.
  • Floatation properties: Lightweight, with 0.97-g/cc density. Tends to remain relatively stationary in deep water.
  • Prolonged saltwater immersion tolerance: Honeywell Spectra® testing indicates no reduction in lifting capacity after 6 months of saltwater immersion and only 1-2% loss after 12 months of immersion.
  • Excellent fatigue resistance.
  • Superior damping characteristics (vibration, shock, and impact): Can withstand high-load strain rate velocities.
  • High specific modulus: Excellent for lifting and mooring in ultra-deep water. Exceptional high-pressure resistance.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Good UV resistance.
  • Highly cut-resistant.
  • Made in America: All Honeywell Spectra® fibers and cover materials are manufactured in the U.S. Sling fabrication and load testing are performed at HHI’s Houston facility.
  • API-Q1 standards of design, calculation, and large sample testing, as well as other proven methods, are used in the development of Spectra® roundslings.